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Emily Townshend

"No bottle opener? Brave engineer+metal edge=no problem. Friends reach level of inebriation I'm not sure I should've enabled... #delayeddrunk"

Obehi Ediale

"*now settling with a vintage bottle of RED :)*RT @Ichego_FX: @obehiediale *walks out n slams door* Now sourcing ... "

ZMG®[Vladimir Stein]

"as an engineer i would like to test the thesis that you can find true happiness at the bottom of a bottle of vodka. .for science ofcourse"


"My homies are currently strugglin so hard to open a bottle of "smart" water.. why engineer such a hassle for a bottle water, bro.."

TG (Tony-Guy) Parker

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Nick FN Roxx

"@420greg guy with the water bottle (on a steeeek): Hydration Engineer? #knowyourrole"


"In Oklahoma You may not open a soda bottle without the supervision of a licensed engineer."

Daytona Danny

"@Engineer_Lutke did you re-bottle the alcohol you sweat out?"


"I hope this kid sitting in my engineering class does not become an engineer. He cut a CLEAR coke bottle open to put his beer bottle in"

Ashlin Eldridge

"@jcotteri Do you think they engineer the bottle such that it's too much for one but too little to leave leftovers?"


"@hacktalkblog True, but I don't need more bottle openers. & I like my fedora more than to reverse engineer it into an opener. Good idea tho"

selina stivers

"!!> Camco Manufacturing 58023 CampLighter Elite with Bottle Opener Best Offer Promotion "

Tiana Analla

"Wheels Manufacturing Alloy Housing Caps 4mm Black bottle/50: Item SpecificationsColorBlackUnit of SaleBottle of ... "

Guarantee Electrical

"GECO lands another bottle manufacturing upgrade project - this one in Virginia."


"Casey Container To Focus Entirely On Ramping Up Biodegradable Plastic Preforms And Bottle Manufacturing Capacity.... "

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Jaunita Koeppen

"Wheels Manufacturing Wheels Mfg Alloy Housing Caps 4.5mm Silver Bottle/25: Wheels Mfg Housing Caps "

Heather Larson

"If he mentions #wichita and manufacturing, don't do a shot, drink the whole bottle! Cheers! That would rule."

Big J

"@Dinero_Drives Looool liberties! not a shop brudda its a food manufacturing ting first product gonna drop march! I'll drop a bottle on u"

Beaulah Maio

"Pepper Mill, Red Wine bottle, Beech wood: Marlux has been manufacturing pepper, salt and spice mills since 1875 ... "


"Bottle Glass Manufacturing: Bottle Glass Manufacturing During the time back the artificial bottles were not yet ... "


"Check Out Camco Manufacturing 58023 CampLighter Elite with Bottle Opener for $6.30: Camco Manufacturing 58023... "


"Increasing PET bottle recycling leads to job creation in waste management, product development , manufacturing and marketing sectors"


"The online directory said that it is from a water bottle manufacturing company from the Gold Coast and a dozen complaints have been lodged."

Gregoria Warring

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