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"@simburton I'm in Business Development so not too much flange contact. Other half's a structural engineer, flangeing all over the place."

John Ellison

"Being an engineer is great - you get to say flange, ring, bush, gusset, truss and thrust without any innuendo whatsoever."


"Flange Bolts (Pune, Maharashtra - 411 026, India ): S- G- Fasteners - Manufacturing- exporting and supplying of ... "

HMRA Polban

"Fujitsu ART 45 info: Hi,I need Supply and Return air flange sizes on Fujitsu ART ducteds.Also pipes sizes and in... "

Eric Fitzgerald

"@Ciara_Browne I live with an engineer, so I hear all sorts of hilarious phrases, like "self-sealing flange.""